‘3 Piggies Opera’ and a tea party at Milton

What would the Three Little Pigs be without sticks, bricks and straw? In the front row, from left, brick broker Michael Kmetz, stick merchant Lindsay Cassano and straw purveyor Baker Wells get ready to entice the pigs with building materials. In the back row, from left, Atlee Teillon and Nicholas Field play piggies. Photos courtesy Sarah Derman

At the March 17 Milton School mid-morning performance of the “3 Piggies Opera,” Finley Adams as the Big Bad Wolf stomps around and sings “I want a big, fat pig to eat!” In the end, the wolf ended up with a singed tail and a bruised ego. Photo/Sarah Varney

From left, Taylor Avery is dressed as Johnny Appleseed, with Claire Curran as Sacagawea and Marlena Masucci as Annie Oakley.

Milton School was crowded with little piggies, a few pioneers and some recent prominent people from history during the week of March 14.

Approximately 60 first-graders performed the “3 Piggies Opera” in four separate shows. A musical version of “The Three Little Pigs,” the opera has been an annual staple at Milton for 17 years.

On March 16, students in Katy Ridley’s second-grade class held a character tea with students portraying various characters from history. Characters included Daniel Boone, Steve Irwin and Annie Oakley.

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